Client Interface

Maxco is to open up markets to our clients, with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. To help you manage your finance better.

Maxco Client Area

An ideal interface for traders using advanced order types, automated quotes engines and trading systems outside of MT4.

Real Time Market Price

Multiple Technical Indicators & Charting Tools

Open & Manage Your Account

Volatility Notifications

Messages to Partner or Customer Service

Deposit & Withdrawal

Distinctive UI/UX
Establish a unique user experience and provide innovative services and functions.
Client Management
Advanced client administration for real-time client setup configuration and reporting.
Event Notification
Real-time delivery for trade and order notification services.
Comprehensive Transfers
Automated data files for end of day reporting and business intelligence.

Liquidity Aggregation

We provide prices from top sources, with liquidity under high volatility and the best speed to enter the market, giving full play to the advantages according to market conditions.